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We offer a wide range of test fixtures and RF isolation accessories and services. Our projects are custom and tailored to each customer's specifications.

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Probe bed of nails closeup

Board Level Fixture

Have a PCB or partial assembly that needs testing? Our Bed of Nails fixtures can suit your needs. Custom to your board and testing needs. Simple or complicated, we support your requirements.

Pnuematic custom test fixture button press

Final Assembly Fixture

Full or partial plastics, complete assemblies, partial assemblies, linked assemblies…We can, and have built fixtures for lots of complicated device configurations. 

CTS Button and LED Fixture

Integrated with RF Isolation

Does this fixture need to be installed in a RF Shield Box or other application? We can provide all or some of the components to make this happen.

gear lever bed of nails test fixture example

Manual Test Fixture

If you’re looking for simple probing solutions at a budget mindful price we can meet those needs. Send your test point matrix, gerber files, and any requirements for a quote!

pneumatic probe knob fixture

Automated Test Solutions

Although we only provide the mechanical fixture, no programming, we can make it pneumatic and let you control all actions with the touch of a button. 

Other services

Don’t need a press fixture? We can provide ESD safe grid fixturing for your current setup, or just consult on your RF testing needs.

CTS bed of nails custom test fixture PCB

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